America the.

America the great and land of the free,
Portrayed in story books by lady liberty.
America the beautiful built on hope and dreams,
We became one nation connected at the seams.
America the loving where we embrace all,
Welcoming in unity not separated by a wall.
America the eclectic with immigrants all around,
Saluting the same flag through that bond we are bound.
America the loving regardless of gender,
Because love trumps hate is what we remember.
America the equal for all men and women,
What happens to a body is their own decision.
America the blind all similar in this space,
Justice for all regardless of race.
America the free to use your voice,
Able to share opinions simply by choice.
America the media reporting on the news,
The constitution allows for all sorts of views.
America the kind and gracious to friends,
Bridges we know should never be weakened.
America the forgiving for the mistakes we have made,
Our history has taught us to never be afraid.
America the dream is what we are all working for,
Defending our democracy is what we all swore.
America united for morality,
Or divided we will fall,
A true casualty.


Americas half-day

America took a half day today 😏

Inauguration Day is typically a joyous, momentous, and humbling time in our country. Even I was excited to hear the speech Donald Trump would give. He had been so vague, obnoxious, and egotistical during the campaign I was expecting to hear something about unity, a plan, and his action. So as he got up to speak, it started raining. The irony was astounding. Was it God crying or pissing on him? The military personnel scramble around in the background of the frame- completely distracting from the speech. George Bush fights with the stupid plastic ponchos; and the speech just continues. It was a recycled campaign speech. Did Donald not realize he won? Did he not realize he just put his hand on a bible and instead of asking if he swore to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, he took the oath of office? Well regardless, it was boring, disappointing, and mundane. One of his sons kept mouthing “this is incredible”. He thought there were so many people there. Can you imagine what he would have said if his dad had even half the crowd as Obama?! 

Moving on. Next he paraded around D.C. The bleachers weren’t even full in some of the parts. Protestors were out. And poor Barron looked bored and lonely; until he could play peekaboo that is! I’m really concerned for that boy. I get that he’s only a kid but I hope in school he socially is adjusting well. Hopefully he was just in fact bored. 

So Donald Trump had his day. His half day. It sucked for the majority of America but whateves. Drink a beer, have chipotle, let him rally the few. 

Tonight as I go to bed I’m excited. More excited than I’ve been in awhile. Tomorrow is our time. We unite in masses and let our voices be heard. You want action, you’ll get action! Tomorrow is the first full day that he will be in office. And tomorrow is the first day we stand up for the rights of minorities. Whether that be women, racial minorities, ethnic minorities, religious minorities, sexual orientation minorities, etc.; we make it known….we are here and will be heard. It will be peaceful. It will be inspiring. It will be productive. 

….until tomorrow

“I can’t stand him as a person”

In less than 48 hours we will have a new president sworn into office to lead our country. Regardless of who it was taking over a part of me would be sad because Obama was just comforting, inspirational, and natural leader. 

However, that sadness is intensified greatly by the incompetency that is going to be swarming our country very soon. Ever since November I have been questioning everything I read more than ever before. I have serious “daddy issues” when it comes to the internet and news. I don’t trust big news stations like CNN or Fox News because they only seem to do reporting not investigative reporting [except Van Jones – yes #LoveArmy ]. I used to be a diehard Today show fan until NBC decided to hire Megyn Kelly; a person I believe unfit for that network. 

So I’ve turned to more “underground” news reporters. Podcasts, newspapers, and NPR. I’ve started listening to these outlets while I workout, work, and in the car. I  want to understand more than I do. I understand how this happened on the surface, but I also have faith in humanity that America is not best represented by Donald Trump. 

The more I’ve listened the more I’ve deduced my reasoning to why people voted for him to one of two reasons. 1) selfish, don’t want taxes to go up. That’s a given and a type of person with values I certainly despise. 2) jobs. 

Plain and simple, jobs. They think Trump is a good business man. They think he will bring back manufacturing jobs. They’re not desperate for a change we’ve never seen before, they want our world to be converted back to how it was in the 80s. The reality is, Mexico didn’t take away jobs; technology did. We don’t need factory workers like we used to because we have machines that we can use. So no matter who is in office, these people will still be out of work. 

A man said: “I can’t stand the guy [Trump] as a person, but I’m excited for a change.” This struck me as being very interesting. So there are a group of people who voted for this man because they overlook a persons character and just go off of their great business record that they perceive. I say perceive because the man has lots of failed businesses, filed for bankruptcies, and cheated people out of money (e.g. Not paid them). So reality would indicate he isn’t a good businessman, he just has a lot of money to play with and regardless if something fails he’s always got much more money to try again. It’s also troubling because Trump will do anything for power or to make a buck. He will use, abuse, and dispose of any means to stroke his ego. And people like this man were played like a harp into Trumps game all for nothing. 

In the end, when did we become so desperate that we disregarded an individuals character? In the long run people like this man will have to live with their vote and know they helped elect a narcissist out for himself who knows nothing about politics. Manufacturing jobs are just a thing of the past. Job growth isn’t defined by a single industry. Creating 500 jobs by giving a $7 million tax cut really will only hurt our economy. Sorry Charlie, silicone valley won. 

Yes We Can

It ended how it all began. A simple yet motivating phrase, “yes we can”. Tonight President Obama reminded us all of the accomplishments over the past 8 years. Over these past 2 terms we transformed that phrase into “yes we did”. 

A poised, humble, and respectable demeanor; President Obama did as he always has done. He guided us. Even as his last speech as president he guided us on what to do next. To get active. He reminded us that change won’t occur if you just sit back and wait. If you don’t make things happen they obviously won’t. 

He reiterated that serving as President of the United States has been the greatest honor of his life. The crowd chanted 4 more years! But really y’all, we can’t expect anyone to ever tackle this job a third term. He reminded us that democracy is what our country is founded on, regardless of the result. 

President Obama has ‘raised’ my generation. And for that, I am grateful. He embodies what every human should strive to be. Equality and hard work are two leading causes he has ingrained in our hearts. My generation took a leap of faith and voted for him; for many of us it was our first presidential election. We wanted change. We were bored with the stereotypical old white men in charge. I doubt any of us could have dreamed of how great the outcome would be. 

Although many doubt my generation, tonight President Obama portrayed that he still believes in us. And for that we are grateful. Watching the speech tonight I had one of those “I’ll never forget where I was when…” moments. President Obama is a man I can’t wait to tell my future children all about. 

Finally, tonight President and Michelle Obama reminded us they are #relationshipgoals ❀️ As someone tweeted, if you learned nothing else from President Obama, hopefully you learned how to respect your wife and women in general. The love of their relationship is the American dream. Very rarely do couples maintain that love, especially in politics. 

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. 

It has been an honor to have you as my first real president, Mr. Obama. 


President Obama has been the first president I ever voted for (twice). He was the first president I really remember, considering I was only 20 when he started. Over the past few years he has become a role model for me. His words are comforting and his wisdom is impeccable. He has done more good for our country than any president before him. He is humble, compassionate, and poised. 

Tonight he talks to us. He will find a way to encourage and motivate us. Let us listen, learn, and be grateful for the hard work he has done for all of us as Americans. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Goodbye 2016 – the worst year ever?

The year that was intended to be history making is coming to an end. And it certainly lived up to all the anticipated hype. Sure celebrities died, but that happens every year. Although we lost some greats, they leave an everlasting legacy. 

Ok, ok, let’s get to the real reason so many people are saying 2016 was the worst year ever. Donald Trump was elected president. Shocking. Horrendous. Appalling. Disgraceful. Yes, all of those things. But if you think him being elected is the worst year ever, wait until these years when we have to live with him acting as our president! I predict that 2017-2020 will be far worse than 2016 in terms of politics and freedom. 

But let us not individually be defined by the unpopular president elect. As an individual we can make 2017 and beyond monumental, special, and [dare I say] happy. Smile at people. Say hello. Hold the door. Small acts of kindness can go a long way. Compassion can heal wounds that are not visible to the naked eye. 

If we let an election define an entire year we have lost our love and appreciation for democracy. 

No I am not looking forward to a Trump presidency. Not one bit. But I refuse to let his hate ruin my life. His negativity, narcissism, egocentric ways will not define my outlook on my own life. As Americans we are resilient. 

So go to bed tonight knowing that tomorrow the sun will rise, another day will begin, and you have the choice to either dread what’s to come or smile and take on the world. You choose. 

Laughter from the Kardashians

I have survived 1 week. You have survived 1 week. 

Just 1 week ago I literally slept about 2 hours in a 48 hour time span. My heart felt like it’d been ripped out of my chest like a hormonal teenager who just lost the love of her life. My Facebook has become filtered like I was in an episode of West Wing. 

That was then and this is now. 

So what has changed? Well, in all honesty not much. I seem to have my ups and downs throughout the day. I have slowly been able to focus more as each day passes. But I often find myself wondering; is that a good thing? I never want to forget the feeling I had one week ago. That feeling of despair, fear, and sadness will stick with me forever. I often cry silently before bed and that may not change for awhile. 

But I have found hope. I haven’t laughed in a week. You know what I mean, that really big laugh of emotion. Tonight, I laughed. It may be due to Keeping up with the Kardashians, but I laughed. And it felt good. 

So am I getting over it? No. Am I adapting yes. Am I becoming more passionate? yes. Am I sharing my thoughts more than ever? Yes. —I’m standing up for things I never thought I would. I’m constantly wanting to post on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram because you just never know who’s watching. 

I have learned activism is the most important call to duty we have in our nation. My generation has been spoiled with Barack Obama. He’s protected us, stood up for us, and inspired us. But now we must carry on that legacy. We must all be mini-Obamas. 

Although I may be just as confused as I was a week ago; I’m inspired. I’m ready to turn my anger into positive action. It’s still hard for me to say the name of the man elected president, and I often refer to him as a pronoun. I was willing to give him a chance because hillary and Barack wanted me to. But with the abundance of ‘stereotypical white men’ who are racist, misogynistic, and homophobic I can’t help but want the whole administration to fail. I do not like what he stands for right now. I do not like who he is appointing to be in his cabinet. I do not like the plans laid out for our country. I do not like his kids double dipping in business and politics. I do not like that he denies science. And most of all, I do not like that he incites hatred in our country. 

In the end. I’ve survived a week. We’ve survived a week together. And if we stay passionate, if we continue to express our distaste for what is happening, we will keep surviving. Let us never become complacent in this world. May we always respect authority but demonstrate because it’s our right. We can do more together than we could ever do separately. Let us become united as is in the band of our country. I’m hopeful this will happen, but know we have to bring about the change ourselves.